To me painting has always been a way to escape: to escape reality, my history back in Chile and my current life. Maybe for this reason I put my eyes on images streaming the internet and social media. With these images I can create new stories because in the internet -as digital images-, they are suspended on a both relative and speculative time.
From this point of view I try to understand them by a thoroughly regard. I am drawn specially by their formal aspects. From portraits to still lives and landscapes, as well as subtle details related to Nature. I interpret them by an intense use of both oil and acrylic colors, and an almost non existent black brush-stroke; disproportion in some shapes and the flattening and elevation of certain volumes, by looking at their lights and shadows.
I materialize those images dwelling the internet by an abstract interpretation on both paper, canvas and linen, giving them a new meaning and life.
The shifting and constant translation has been present not only in my artistic expression but it has also characterized my present life. I come from the Southern Hemisphere: Chile. I carry with me a family story shadowed by the darkest time in my home country, the military dictatorship. Even as a child I had to be moving all the time and to rebuild myself over and over, as well as an exile in this other part of the world. Talking other languages, looking with different eyes. For this reason I escape inside my paintings; I escape and thus I smile through the shiny colors so others could do it with me. 
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